Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Kanhaiya M Dadure, Ruchi S Shivhare


The unresolved hunger for the search of still better inhibitors has motivated us to move towards the next step where uracil, a component of the human body and an emerging anti-proliferative have been conjugated with an intention to improve the pharmacodynamics of the murrayanine hybrids. In the present research, uracil-containing murrayanine based (thio)-semicarbazide hybrids were rationally developed where all the 4 anti-tumor constituents (murrayanine, uracil, Schiff’s base, and (thio)-semicarbazide) were integrated and screened against breast cancer cell line MCF-7 against Sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay. The current research aimed to demonstrate noteworthy cytotoxic potential as compared with the previously reported murrayanine-thiosemicarbazide. The sophisticated analytical techniques aided in confirming the fabricated molecular structures. The derivative (3) expressed better activity than the compound (5) with IC50 values of 64.92 μM and 77.31 μM, respectively. The mechanism of action of the fabricated compounds was not at all known from this study and need to be explored comprehensively in successive studies. However, the incorporation of the uracil fragment in the derivative is not the sole approach to developing the better compound. Although, the present study will open new avenues of research in developing better inhibitors in the upcoming future by surely motivating the medicinal chemists.


Murrayanine; Uracil; Thiosemicarbazide; Semicarbazide; Schiff’s base; Anticancer; Breast cancer

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