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Amit kumar
Shivani Dogra
Hem Raj Vashist
RB Sharma


Parkinson is a neurdegerated diseasethat affects as many as 1-2% person Alpha-synuclein play significant pathogenic role in this disease. Therapeutic advances based on a syneulein related mechanism are now developed. Current therapy is mainly based on a dopamine replacement strategy using the precursor levodopa and dopamine receptor agonist. The urrent only provide symptomatic relief and fail to halt the death of dopaminergic neurons.The present study is to compile and study different aspects of parkinsonism.


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kumar, A., Dogra, S., Vashist, H. R., & Sharma, R. (2019). PARKINSON’S DISEASE, CAUSE, PROGRESSION AND TREATMENT. Innovat International Journal Of Medical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(4).


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