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T Achuth Kumar
N.M. Vageesh
H.M. Sowjanya
Surendra naik


Gastroretentive  dosage  forms  have  potential  for  use  as  controlled-  release drug  delivery systems. The  aim  of  the  present  study  is  formulation  and  characterization  of  floating  microspheres  using Cinnarizine as a model drug for the management of Emesis. Floating microspheres were prepared by solvent evaporation technique using Sodium Alginate,  Guar gum and Eudragit S100 as  release  retarding  polymers.  The  floating  microspheres  were  evaluated  for  percentage  yield  (%), Mean particle size, drug content, drug entrapment efficiency, In vitro Buoyancy and in vitro drug release studies. Compatibility studies  were  performed  by  fourier  transform  infrared  (FTIR)  technique.  The  prepared  microspheres showed prolonged drug release of 12 h. The optimized  formulation  (F11) showed better drug release 99.61% for 12 hours. It was concluded that developed floating microspheres of Cinnarizine offers a suitable and practical approach  for  prolonged  release  of  drug  over  an  extended  period  of  time  and  thus  oral  bioavailability, efficacy and patient compliance is improved.


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Kumar, T. A., Vageesh, N., Sowjanya, H., & naik, S. (2018). FORMULATION DEVLOPMENT AND CHARACTERIZATION OF FLOATING MICROSPHERES CONTAINING CINNARIZINE. Innovat International Journal Of Medical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(1).
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